Wednesday, March 28, 2007


When I started this blog I got myself an adsense account with the intention of making some money on the internet. Sometimes we all have intentions that don't get carried out.
Anyway, I came across this site run by a couple of guys who have managed to quit their jobs as a result of working on the internet. Making websites looks pretty easy to me, but you need a bit of knowledge to make money from them. I have subscribed to their blog and recommend you do too, as they seem to be giving away a lot of information that you would never normally find on the internet without paying for it!

Fried Chicken? High Cholesterol!

We have high cholesterol running in our family. Specifically, it runs down my fathers side of the family, with my grandfather (father's father) dying of a heart attack ,and my father being diagnosed with high cholesterol recently.
This means that every time I want to go to KFC or Burger King my mother makes me promise to look at some of the healthy options - the ones that aren't soaked in tasty trans fats! The thing I didn't know until recently is that salad dressings can be super-bad, and also some high carb items such as pasta are a potential problem too.
If you have high cholesterol in your family I suggest you do your research.

Sell Tri City Wa Real Estate With Simple Staging Tips

Hiring a staging company to make your Tri City Wa home sparkle is a great way to help your home show better and more readily impress the potential buyers that take showings at your home, but staging is an expense that not all home sellers are willing to invest in. For those sellers, there are some tips that staging companies use to make a home show as well as it possibly can that can be implemented without too much work or hassle. While they will not substitute for a staging company, they can give your home a fresh look.

Capturing the attention of a Tri City Wa buyer that takes a showing with your home is one of the most important and overlooked parts of the home selling process as an inordinate amount of effort goes into generating interest on a property, so letting that interest fall flat with a bad showing is a big detriment to a timely and full price home sale. Don’t let your own home sale fall into that trap and instead use the showing as an opportunity to let the best aspects of your home shine through and communicate value to a buyer looking at the property with a critical eye at every turn.

Staging can be an expensive process and while it certainly spruces up the way a home shows, many sellers bristle at the thought of adding additional expense to the home selling process. For those sellers, emphasizing the current space and showing off new uses for each nook and cranny can help a potential Tri City Wa real estate buyer see themselves in the home and communicate value to those you’ve tried so hard through diligent marketing efforts to get to see your home.

Recognize The Signs in Pasco Wa Real Estate

If something happens to cause a build up of carbon monoxide in your Pasco Wa real estate, you will likely feel the effects. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning range from flu-like symptoms at the start to more severe symptoms like a shortness of breath. If you constantly fill a little bit ill when you come home, look into the possibility that you have a carbon monoxide poisoning. Purchasing a detector is the best way to monitor your Pasco Wa real estate whether you feel ill or not, but if you are feeling some effects, investing in one is a necessity to at least eliminate carbon monoxide as a potential cause of your constant sickness.

When purchasing a carbon monoxide monitor, make sure that you buy one that has the ability to fall back on a battery should the power go out as many plug in. Place them near where you sleep to make sure that if an alarm goes off, you won’t simply sleep through it. A loud, clear alarm could be the difference between your ability to wake up and evacuate your family from Pasco Wa real estate and the prospect of sleeping through an alarm. Carbon monoxide detectors are typically not expensive and with a small cash outlay, you can remove a potential worry from your home and rest easier at night.

Richland Real Estate ~ Pack With Your Pet In Mind

One of the ways movers can get into trouble is by packing away valuable information that they may need on moving day for Richland real estate. Under a pile of boxes that all look the same, finding a piece of paper or bottle of medicine can be an exercise in finding a needle in a haystack. The same applies to your pet’s veterinary records, medications and other critical items that might be necessary on moving day. With all of the hustle and bustle around a move, it is entirely possible for something to happen to your pet. When moving Richland real estate, consider the worst case scenario for your pet and plan for it.

In that same vein, make sure that the identification for your pet is on the pet at all times and up to date should the hectic nature of moving cause you to misplace your pet. Proper and securely fastened identification is critical to a pet at any time, but especially so during a move that can expose the pet to sights and situations that could cause it to spook and run. Don’t let what should be an exciting day moving into a new Richland real estate home turn into a search for the family dog without proper identification.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Difficulty Of Moving On in West Richland Wa Real Estate

The reason the value of a West Richland Wa home can become such an issue for a seller is the amount of emotional attachment to the home fostered over a million memories created in the home, no matter how long the seller happened to live there. A seller is aware of all of the little things that were done to the home, the minor improvements here and there that have taken the home from its raw state at purchase to the mature home that is now on the market for a new owner. That transition can produce many mixed feelings, one of them an over-inflated image of what West Richland real estate is worth.

As difficult as it may be, the best advice for a seller is to remain as neutral as possible during the home’s sale process, using an impartial eye to look at the home as it stands in relation to other homes in the area with a similar set of amenities. Doing so will help a West Richland Wa seller not only get out of the way of the pricing process targeted at selling the home quickly, but will take away some of the stress the home selling process can create with every step along the way.

The Pet Perfect Tri City Wa Real Estate

If Tri City Wa real estate pet owners are one thing, it is devoted to their pets, so it should come as not surprise that the market for pet friendly properties has grown significantly over time in accordance with the growth of pet ownership. As a potential home buyer looking for a new property for you and your pet, there are a few traits you can look for to make sure that you will be happy with your new home and your pet will feel just as welcomed as you do.

For those with a pet as a valued part of the family, making sure that Tri City Wa home will not only accommodate a pet, but that a pet is even allowed in the particular community is a part of the real estate process that might not be a part otherwise. You will want to not only make sure that a home will accommodate your pet when you take a showing, but also discuss it before hand with your real estate agent so that he or she will keep it in mind when turning up properties for you to look at.

Pet owners are a growing segment of the population and Tri City Wa real estate well suited for these pet owners are out there for the picking. However, you have to work with your real estate agent to define the kind of amenities you are looking for to ensure that you will see homes that will improve the quality of life for you, your family and your pets.

Washington Real Estate News and The Zillow Sweet Spot

Zillow is one of the most interesting sites on the Internet, Washington Real Estate News reports, as far as its attempt to evaluate vastly different properties and augmenting that service with features like aerial maps and listings for sale in the area to first bring in potential buyers with a cool service like home values and then selling them something through the additional services offered. However, the information available is only reliable in relatively homogeneous areas and cannot replace the ability of a real estate agent to either determine the value of your home for sale or pinpoint areas a potential buyer’s budget will allow a home purchase.

Those homes that see their value most accurately reported by Zillow are those that are easily comparable to homes near by for approximate value, Washington Real Estate News reports. Homes located either in rural areas where there simply aren’t many nearby homes to use as comparable properties or those that lie in neighborhoods full of homes that vary wildly in appearance and amenities will see value estimates that could fluctuate significantly from their actual value.

Where a real estate agent can accommodate these types of homes by using the human touch to dig deeper for comparable homes or modifying a Washington Real Estate News valuation in accordance with the information available, Zillow’s software program does not have that advantage. If homes nearby are not reliable for determining a value, the estimate produced could be vastly different from the kind of value a real estate agent’s comparative market analysis would derive.

Kennewick Wa Real Estate ~ Many Barriers Exist Already

As anyone with an expired MLS listing or seven-month stay on the market will tell you, there are a number of reasons Kennewick Wa real estate may not sell. A home may not be in a great location, it may not show very well, it may pale in comparison to other similar homes in the area and it may simply not garner the level of interest it needs to see an offer. Simply put, there are enough potential barriers to a Kennewick Wa real estate sale already inherent to the process without adding a seller’s desire for a particular sales price into the mix.

Understanding that can greatly reduce a seller’s stubbornness in sticking to a particular price point as any seller has the goal of a timely transaction in mind. Sticking to an unwieldy price for Kennewick Wa real estate will only elongate the process, delaying a subsequent move and perhaps putting undue strain on a process that can already create a great deal of stress in the minds of some sellers.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

WoW Gold Price List

Checking prices of WoW gold is important before you buy. Don't pay too much for your World of Warcraft gold. Make sure also that you buy from a reputable gold dealer.
If you are considering buying a WoW account, then you should be really careful (more careful than just buying gold!) Some accounts are sold for bogus reasons - there may be something about the account that you don't know!
Buying WoW gold or paying for WoW power levelling is much more preferable to buying a ready made or used WoW account as you stand less chance of something going wrong.

WoW Gold - Buy it Now!

Are you fed up of getting slain in World of Warcraft? Are there items you want but they are out of your reach because you haven't got enough gold to buy them?
There is a 'black market' for World of Warcraft Gold where you can buy gold for US dollars using a payment service such as paypal. Many currency traders employ people to play the game and 'farm' WoW gold so that it can be sold to people like you and me who are just starting out or need some extra help.

Extending your Italian Holiday

Having a holiday in Italy wouldn't be complete without visiting Rome as we discussed in the last post. You may find that spending a full two or three week vacation in the city is too much though, many people choose to do a 'twin center' holiday.
Spending a few days in Rome followed by a holiday in Italy is the ideal. Choose a beach resort or a countryside farm hotel and enjoy some time unwinding after the hustle and bustle of the busy city. There are many ideas for holidays in Italy on the internet. Be sure to spend some time doing your research online before you go!

Renting an Apartment in Rome

The magical city of Rome is a superb destination for a short break. Rome Rents has details of many Apartments in Rome that can be rented for your stay on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The prices are very reasonable, and comparable to a good class hotel room.
Renting an apartment when in Rome is preferable to staying in a hotel as you have privacy, and can do your own thing much more. Don't like hotel food? Cook your own. The other great thing about renting an apartment in Rome is that you are immersed in the city with its residents all around you.

Attractions of the City of Kelowna

The City of Kelowna is situated on the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake which offers wonderful fishing, boating and watersport opportunities to the holiday visitor. The nearby mountain ranges offer opportunity for hiking as well as skiing and snowboarding in season.
To find a Hotel in Kelowna check the reservations website. There are many different classes of hotels catering to holidaying and business visitors alike. Many have conference facilities and other business class services such as internet access in rooms and secretarial services on site.

Earning Money, Building Wealth

Becoming wealthy is not easy! There are many people out there who tell you that they will sell you the secrets to wealth for $19.97 or something - some of these plans probably have some value, but be sure of one thing - you're going to have to work hard to get rich!
Planning for a good retirement is about as much as most people can do, whereas a small percentage will really work hard and take big risks to earn financial freedom early in life. Being wealthy can also mean a great deal of sacrifice along the way. Don't work so hard that you forget to have some fun along the way!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Kennewick Real Estate

Washington Real Estate News has pages dedicated to the City of Kennewick. Kennewick is located to the North West of previously featured Finley. Washington Real Estate News gives details of the history and attractions of Kennewick, along with the geography and demographics of the area. Education institutions are also listed.
Washington Real Estate News also has details of partnerships. If you are looking for real estate in Washington I recommend the site for its in depth news coverage of the real estate industry in the area.

Washington Real Estate

If you are hunting for an ideal home or residential property in Washington you should check out Washington Real Estate News. Listed on their pages are many quality properties in the South East Washington area. Washington Real Estate News also features many good investment opportunities.

The Finley CDP in Benton County is one of the places that Washington Real Estate News covers in depth. Finley is located to the South East of the larger city of Kennewick. Employment opportunities in Finley include several manufacturing and chemical plants, and smaller local businesses.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Job

Well, I've been looking for a new job. Finding a job isn't easy as I'm sure you all know, but I wasn't looking for anything special - just a minimum wage job flipping burgers or something. You would think that for these kind of jobs you could just turn up and ask if there was any work available, but it doesn't work like that.
At Burger King I had to submit a resume and go to an interview (in smart clothes) and I still didn't get the job! Good lord! Anyway, I decided that I should aim a little higher if I was going to have to go to all that trouble, so I applied for a job at the Apple store. Hope I get this one! The manager seemed a good guy, and he could tell I was keen, so there is a chance :)

Nuclear Power

I think the whole world will end up running on nuclear power. Nuclear power already provides something like 20% of the US electricity needs, so the ball has started rolling, and I can only see it picking up pace. Anti-nuclear people can campaign all they like, but it wont stop this percentage from growing. The technology exists, and it is safe.
Other types of power are just impractical long term. How many wind farms would it take to produce as much power as one nuclear plant? How many acres would have to be ripped up to provide a home for those wind turbines? How many birds would get killed by the twirling blades?
It would be nice if the US and the rest of the world simply stopped using as much power in all forms - more efficient appliances, smaller cars, more consumer care.

Private Investigator Tricks

I really love old detective movies, and lately I have been doing some detective work myself. I wanted to track down a girl who used to be in the same classes as me, and I figured there must be some kind of detective techniques I could use to find her.
I was actually quite successful - I found her. Using the skip tracing techniques on this private investigator website I managed to track down several leads, one of which revealed her phone number. I sent her a text message, and we are meeting up next week!

Buying and Selling on eBay

Buying and selling stuff on eBay can be a real headache. I've bought stuff in the past that looked like it was local, but ended up shipping from Japan - it took weeks, and then I got stiffed for duty when I finally got it.
I've been reading up on some eBay selling tips before I sell my old CD collection. No need for that anymore now that I have an iPod (also bought off eBay!) I might sell some of my old computer gear too. Hopefully I will make money from these sales so that I can buy a new mac book. Guess where I will buy that from? That's right - eBay!

New Business Support

If you are about to start a new business then you are going to need support. Often businessmen like to call themselves entrepreneurs; entrepreneurs are businessmen with a new idea or a twist on an old idea.
Entrepreneur Support aims to take care of the boring side of business and to leave the entrepreneur with more time to develop new ideas and new business. If you have questions about business finance, tax, or employer obligations then this is the place to go.
There are heaps of business articles on the site, and recommendations for magazines and books about business that cover every aspect of this wide topic.

Search Engines and Black Hats

A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless - protecting the not-so-innocent) claims to be making thousands of dollars per day using Black Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of manipulating search engines into giving you a higher ranking position than you deserve by using 'sneaky' techniques.
The Internet Search Engines FAQ gives a good rundown of Black Hat methods, listing some of the methods such as doorway pages which redirect visitors to the 'money page' or main page. The required code to create a doorway page is included on the site. Many Black Hat SEO's use blogger to create doorway pages as blogger subdomains rank quickly, especially on MSN.

Tactical Gear from Fort Liberty

Check out this tactical gear at Fort Liberty, some of it is really cool. I'm loving the camouflage clothing, and chicks look really good in it too. Seriously though, there's some useful stuff there, functional military watches that are tough and have special features to help you out in a tight situation.
I have seen night vision goggles for sale on eBay before, and always wondered how good they would be. The ones featured on Fort Liberty are the real deal; proper military grade kit here, no rubbish!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Expat community

When my Mom goes over to Spain she is going to find out what it means to be an expat. Leaving behind all the things that are familiar to you, family and friends, local shops, the way people drive - everything is different. I know she says that she is going to try and make it more than just a holiday home, but I reckon she will be back here pretty quick.
It is always nice going on holiday and leaving the stress of everyday life behind for a few weeks, but when you move somewhere then you have to build a life there - without your normal support network.
Finding out about expat jobs, health and tax. etc can be pretty hard too, especially when you don't speak the lingo!

Annoying Polly Pocket

I keep finding these little dolls in different places around the house. My annoying little sister Amy collects dolls called Polly Pockets. They are really small and can fit almost anywhere as Amy keeps trying to prove. She has even snuck them into my shower bag that I use for football, I got laughed at for that on by the guys and had trouble explaining it!
Anyway, I reckon I can get her back. Every Polly Pocket I find now I'm going to put up for sale on eBay. Let's see who's laughing when Amy sees my Polly Pocket eBay sale!

Anonymous Surfing

My pal Jim Bob is really crazy into computers and the internet. He has what he calls a 'tin foil hat' which means he is paranoid that people are going to find out all kinds of things about him by tracking his activity on the internet. He uses something called anonymous surfing.
Anonymous surfing is when you mask or disguise what you do on the internet so that no-one can find out. I reckon that hes crazy and that no one would really be interested, but he is sure that Google and the other search engines and stuff track what you do to sell you stuff and build up a profile of you. Crazy fool.

Edinburgh Trip

I'm taking a short break in Edinburgh later in the year. I'm actually a big theater fan (some of you may not have known that!) I'm going to stay in the city for a couple of nights and take in a show at the Edinburgh playhouse, as well as having a night on the town!
Theatre breaks in Edinburgh are really popular these days - some hotels even do packages. We are staying at The Bruntsfield Hotel, right in the middle of the action. The Bruntsfield has an excellent reputation, a friend of mine stayed recently and really enjoyed himself.
The Kings Theatre also has The Goodies showing but I don't think my girlfriend will be keen to see them :)

Credit Card for my Business

A serial entrepreneur like me needs access to quick funds when my business needs demand it. That's why I have chosen chase business credit cards. They offer some excellent advantages including cashback on your business purchases (3%), no annual fee, and (for me the best) a $35,000 credit limit, which is pretty high going by most of the limits imposed by other credit cards.
The 0% introductory balance transfer offered on these credit cards for small businesses will be a big draw for some people too, but my company doesn't have any existing borrowings to move.