Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Different Certificate of Deposit Products

There seems to be too many CDs (Certificate of Deposit investments) to choose from. I'm trying to invest some money I have gotten in a windfall for a 'rainy day' but I'm struggling to choose a bank to go with.
Should I just look for the highest CD rates? or should I be looking at the penalties attached if I decide to withdraw the money early (for example, to buy into my brothers business, or maybe buy a new car :))... it is so hard to decide on a product.
I found some good advice on the RateTrackr website, defining what you want and need is the important thing, deciding how long you can lock the money away for, and what your ultimate aims are for the money.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Watching TV in Europe

Now that Mum's getting this place in Spain I'm trying to persuade her that it is a good idea to get a Sky TV subscription. I don't want to go anywhere that I can't watch my favorite TV channels. Most European TV channels suck, and I only speak English so I need my Sky TV.
She thought that we wouldn't be able to get Sky TV in Europe, but I know that the internet holds the answer to everything, and a quick search found this website that sells Sky HD subscriptions to Europe. I'm really looking forward to getting over to Spain now that I know I can watch proper TV when I get there :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Holiday Home in Spain, Nice :)

So my mother has gone with her fella to look at buying a holiday home in Spain. They're excited, and so am I! As well as being able to go on holiday to this place, with its own pool and everything, it means that they will be away quite a lot so I get to kick back and party here. They have gone on a spanish property inspection flight with the Overseas Property Shop. Apparantley Spanish property is a great investment too, mother keeps rabbiting on about my inheritance. Good on her eh?

Bee keeping

As you know I'm kind of a random surfer. I don't know why or how but I was on this little site about bee keeping, you know honey bees and all that, and I quite fancy it as a hobby! You can buy something called a nucleus, which is like a small bee hive with a queen bee and some workers and stuff, and set it up in your garden(!) They will even mail bees to you so you can get set up. Hope I'm not allergic to bee stings, think they can send some people into shock. Think it will send my mother into shock when she sees a bee hive in the back garden lol

Buying a New Monitor

So I want to get one of those big badboy Apple monitors for my computer setup. Thats why I have been investigating personal loans and stuff. I found a place that compares secured loans for you, it is really quick and easy to use. Just put in a few details (none too personal) and away it goes. For a couple of mins work you get a comparison of 250 different secured loans. I'm really happy with the results from the site. The other great thing is that they don't perform a credit check, so you can run it as many times as you like (its free too).

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Loans, Credit Cards :: UK Government

I've found some more really useful informational sites from the UK government.
Advice Guide is another website from the Citizens Advice Bureau which provides practical information on tricky subjects such as benefits and housing as well as financial matters like credit cards and loans.
Consumer Direct promises 'clear, practial consumer advice' and has a large section on money and finance. The advice here includes tips for security shopping online with your credit card, and buying from overseas.

Money Made Clear

If, like me, you're not too good with money, you could do worse than check out some of the government websites. The 'money made clear' website from the UK Financial Services Authority has infomation you should read before taking on any new credit cards or loans.
Other grat financial websites from the UK government include the Citizens Advice Bureau (although you're more likely to use this one if you run into problems such as missing loan repayments), and the Money, Tax and Benefits section of the DirectGov website.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Grokodile Regional Blog Directory

Looking for somewhere to get your new blog listed? Need a good high PR backlink to get it indexed? Want to network with local people in your area? Then you need to get over to Grokodile regional blog directory and grab your free listing.
Grokodile is a community focused blog directory specialising in grouping people together by location. It isn't just blogs either, local businesses with a website can get listed there too.
Grokodile is manually edited so there are no junk sites in the directory and sites have to be submitted to the correct region.

Paid Posting :: Cash For Comments

I spend a lot of time on forums so I was interested to learn about paid posting. Paid blog posters and paid forum posters can register for free at paid posting and search through the jobs listed. There is no charge for the service, which is pretty important to me :)
You can also receive email notifications of jobs that match your profile so that you don't have to check the site every day - jobs you are interested in come straight to you. There is also a RSS feed so new paid forum posting jobs and paid blogging jobs come straight into your feed reader.

Wicked Wordpress Themes

I'm loving these awesome Wordpress themes. Some good original stuff there. Hope some get ported to blogger :)