Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Mobile Phone With Bluetooth Stereo

I always got bugged by my old phone's headphones. They were a nokia only item with a multi pin plug on the end... why they couldn't use a 3.5mm jack like everyone else I dunno. Anyway, my new Nokia 6300 has stereo bluetooth which puts an end to that... and no more cables!
Now I just need a new hi-fi system to compliment my mobile phone... I haven't investigated them yet but I imagine you can buy a pair of stereo speakers with bluetooth and just pair them with these new phones, and play music through them. The phone becomes the remote control too... cool huh? I'm impressed!

Monday, April 9, 2007

General Directory

A good general directory for you to submit your site to is the General Directory. General Directory has a good page strength and inclusion in the directory is free with a reciprocal link, or very cheap ($4 for a regular link and $8 for a featured link) without.
The directory submission category contains details of directory submission services - companies who will carry out directory submission for your website. These services are a real time saver and can be quite cost effective - if you value your time I suggest you consider using one.

Travel Planning

Planning a trip away? Whether you are going on a long haul to an exotic distant location or looking for something closer to home travel planning is the most important part of your trip. If you are into photography you might plan to do some travel photography along the way. Make sure that you carry enough memory cards (or film), ensure that you have your battery charger and power adaptor or enough charged batteries to see you through the trip.
Check out these Las Vegas Photos and Yellowstone National Park Photos if you are looking for artistic inspiration!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

5000 Web Directory Listings

There are a whole lot of web directories on the internet, both free web directories and paid web directories. lists over 5000 different web directories, and is a great place to start if you are thinking of promoting a website through directory submissions.
The site is designed to help directory submitters find what they want, including relevant information to directory submission decisions.
One of the best parts of the site is the niche directory lists, using these lists you can find directories that have a high relevance to your site.

The In Road For Buyers of First Time Pasco Wa Homes

While an auction may not be the best venue for a buyer of Pasco Wa homes unfamiliar with the process, getting a foreclosure property one step farther in the process is indeed a viable option. Because a home purchased from a real estate agent or directly from a bank can be assured to have cleared all of the potential financial claims against it, a first time home buyer can instead have confidence in their purchase that they won’t be pursued as the new Pasco Wa homes owner of the property to settle any debts incurred by the previous owner.

Additionally, navigating the process of purchasing a foreclosure home is simply not familiar to most first time home buyers and as a result, buying under a more standard process with a real estate agent involved offers an easier way to purchase a home for a bit of a financial benefit without having to learn a great deal to do so. A first time home buyer already with a bead on a foreclosure Pasco Wa homes property as a potential target can partner that good intuition up with a simpler process to create a value-laden transaction that will land a first home.

Take Advantage Of Large Kennewick Wa Homes Space

Most potential buyers of Kennewick Wa homes have an idea of how they want to furnish a property before ever stepping foot into a showing and it is your responsibility to make sure that their vision can be accommodated by the space available in your property while still showing off some of your own ideas that make the specific traits of the home shine through. It is this balance of a potential home buyer’s personal tastes and the way the home can play off of those preconceived notions that will create an environment that a potential buyer of Kennewick Wa homes can envision making their own.

Doing so is largely an exercise in emphasizing the space available in the home, particularly in large areas where much of the potential buyer’s own personality will be projected. Never let a home, when possible, sit with an empty, large space as it will be very difficult for a buyer to envision their own life fitting into Kennewick Wa homes. A potential buyer wants to see a lived-in space that reflects the nature of the property, even though they are probably replacing your sofa in their mind with their own.

Without A Trace, as Reported by Washington Real Estate News

Entering a home for a showing and being confronted by a set of barking dogs is enough to make some potential buyers not enter the home at all, Washington Real Estate News reports. Similarly, the sight of a clump of cat hair on the sofa can sour some potential buyers as they try to envision themselves in your property. They won’t think you are a bad person or a bad pet owner, but they will come away from a showing with a bad taste in their mouth due in large part to your pet’s effect.

Your job, Washington Real Estate News suggests, is to remove any trace of your pet’s stay in the home, starting with the clutter that can sometimes come from pet toys and food dishes. A cage is fine and a tidy area where a pet spends most of his or her time will not harm a showing, but having a stray dog bone here and a messy food dish there can distract a buyer from the beautiful breakfast nook you keep or the immaculate counter top you just cleaned. Washington Real Estate News recommends not letting your pet become a part of the home evaluation equation.